Inktober Days 8,9,10: Crooked, Screech, Gigantic


Playing catch-up again, here’s the last three days of prompts crammed into one drawing. Still not great at coloring.


Inktober Days 6 & 7: Swords/Shy


Almost missed a day there, but got both prompts in one drawing to catch up. Here we have a shy boy who just discovered the object of his affections wielding a cursed sword against a demon. Wonder if he’ll finally work up the courage to warn her?

Inktober 2017

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.

Since I have this blog just kinda languishing here I figured I might as well post some random bits. With October freshly begun I’ve decided to give Inktober a shot this year.

Basically, like it says above, one ink drawing every day during the month of October. Then you post it to social media and add the #Inktober #Inktober2017 tags.

You can visit for the “Official” daily prompt list or forge your own path. Since I’m a newbie I figured I’d stick to the prompts and see where it takes me.

Even though I’m not really an artist I figured that drawing everyday for a month will only make me better.

Today’s prompt is “Swift” so here’s me taking the house wolf for a walk, or maybe she’s just dragging me.


Happy Inktober everyone.