I shot an arrow into the mud, it rocked


Pictured: Not me

Archery is pretty hip right now. I’m basing this entirely off of the fact that characters who can shoot a bow in movies tend to be rather badass, (Legolas, Katiss, that one dude from Avengers who didn’t really have a superpower outside of hooking up with Black Widow).

I’d mentioned to husband that I was looking for a sport that didn’t require so much work from my injured ankle and that archery might just be the thing. After I promised not to use this as a way to get out of running, he got on board and got me a bow for Christmas. Today I got done work early so I finally got to try it out. In short, it was pretty awesome.

After stumbling through the initial setup, using YouTube videos to guide my way, I duct taped a Styrofoam cooler up and stepped out back to do some shooting. The ground was pretty mushy from a rainy previous week which I didn’t consider a problem until the first arrow disappeared.

Apparently the ground just sucked it under like a spaghetti noodle. I found this quite impressive the first time it happened. Less so the second and by the third time I was convinced I’d accidentally found a secret portal to Narnia in my backyard. After a few slightly more successful attempts with the remaining arrows I managed to snap the tip off one and shatter the nock on another when I planted it firmly into a wooden beam. Really I was just impressed by how well the blunt practice tips were able to penetrate. That arrow really had to work for it.

While it sounds as though my career as a professional archer is being called into question I’m still fairly optimistic about my first outing. It probably helps that I have another set of arrows to fall back on.


4 thoughts on “I shot an arrow into the mud, it rocked

  1. The tone of this one is hilarious. Also freaking awesome. I’ve wanted to learn archery since I was little. It really is pretty much the most kick ass weapon. And long range, none of that getting too up close and personal with the target.

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