It’s been awhile


Just in case anyone was wondering, I did not in fact drop off the face of the earth. I’ve actually been rather busy as of late making an honest effort at doing that whole novel writing thing. As you’ve probably surmised, last month was National Novel Writing Month and I was an active participant. It was stressful and frustrating, but in the end I managed to put down more words towards an original story than ever before so I’m counting it as a win. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I also managed to hit 50K by the skin of my teeth so my competitive nature was also rewarded.

Through the course of the month I read a lot of rumblings about how Novel Writing Month was a foolish endeavor, taken up by people who didn’t have the wherewithal to just sit down and write a novel on their own. While I’d be the first to admit that my 50K is little more than a glorified rough (very rough) draft, I do take some offense to the idea that only talentless hacks would bother to claim novel status for anything written for numbers rather than content.

Sure, there is some tremendous drek churned out in November, but statistically there must be some gems mixed in as well. I cannot fault anyone for chasing the dream of being a writer, or any dream at all come to it. If it takes a special month of feeling accountability to give them the push they need then so be it.

Currently, I’ve stepped back from my first draft to give the novel time to settle so that when I go back to edit I can come at it with a fresh perspective. Large portions will have to be cut, even more will have to be rewritten entirely. That’s fine though, that’s what I expected going into this and I’m actually looking forward to watching my story grow and mature with every draft until it’s ready to flutter off to a proper editor and someday perchance an actual agent.

In the meanwhile, I have some other projects that I’ve been neglecting and a mountain of reading to catch up on. I’m planning to pick up with a more defined writing schedule after the holidays. Hopefully this will include adding more to this blog in addition to some of the other places where I share work.

Gaming aside, I think I most missed having time to just read during the hectic whirlwind that was my November. Gotta admit, it’s nice to be able to have other hobbies again now that I’m not desperately struggling to make word count every night.


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