Story Builder Toy’s Custom Creations – Narwhal

Today’s custom plush order is for a narwhal. For those not in the know, it’s basically a whale with teeth and a huge horn sticking out of it’s face. Not exactly my idea of cute and cuddly, but what the heck, I like a challenge. So how to make this:

creepy real narwhal

Look cute. First step, the drawing board. I’m no artist, but I’m a fair doodler so I sketched out some cartoony whales and quickly decided that going all Animal Planet wasn’t for me. This thing needed to look cuddly and fun. To that end I ditched the gray color scheme and went with a cool blue and white palet.


plush narwhal

Notice the eyes? I decided to play around with different styles and settled on this one I’d spotted on some goofy cartoon on Cartoon Network. I really dig how innocent it makes the toy seem, completely ignoring the ginormous sword horn coming off his face. I mean look at that thing;

plush narhwal front view

I tried to add a toothy grin, but it kept looking silly so in the end I just left it off. Luckily the eyes have more than enough personality to make up for the lack of a defined mouth.

plushie stuffed narwhale

As usual he’s made of fleece with felt details. It actually came out really cute and cuddly and I was sad to see it go. Might have to do more sea mammals in the near future.


Check out Story Builder Toys for more fun animals. If you’d like a custom creation of your own send me a message here or via my website for more information.


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