College Improves Gaming for Some, Groundbreaking!

wowstructureThis is the wave of the future

Behold the power of gamers working for a worthwhile cause. Using a bit of ingenuity and a whole slew of grants, a group of students at MIT have recently created a breakthrough device that could revolutionize the way people play World of Warcraft.

The so called WoW Pod, currently on exhibit at the MIT Museum, not only offers gamers a cozy little pod to play their favorite MMO in, while they completely shut themselves off from the outside world, but also includes a fully functioning stove and toilet. With gaming this accessible WoW players may never have to leave Azeroth again.

The exterior of the Pod mimics the game world, offering a truly immersive experience for people who already don’t get out enough. So far the design is only offered in Horde style, but who knows, if this takes off like we all know it will then an Alliance adaptation can’t be far behind.

I wonder if their parents think it was worth all the tuition money?

According to the press release, while in the Pod the gamer is able to select and scan their desired food items and the system will automatically set the built in hotplate to cook at the appropriate temperature. Also, the players avatar pitches in by announcing when the food is ready and automatically going “AFK” while the player eats.

Of course, any true WoW player would not bother with the trifle of going AFK while eating, you only need one hand on the mouse, but you know their hearts were in the right place when they added this.

As mentioned above all the players needs are fully catered to, including the eventual biological needs that follows all the delicious automatically catered eating. The toilet seat is located underneath the gamer’s “throne” and seems to be fully functional as well. The press release doesn’t mention how the waste storage/removal is handled, but these kids went to MIT so I’m sure its not as disgusting as I think it must be.

wow_mitI don’t see a door on that bad boy, hope you’re not bashful

Basically the WoW Pod is like a twisted combination of a hardcore raiders destination vacation and a porta-potty. While I applaud their efforts this whole thing just seems like a bad idea to me. WoW players are probably the last people that need to be enabled in their gaming habits and with the number of people who become legitimately addicted to MMO’s anyway do we really need to encourage them to never take breaks? Also, Horde? Yuck.

Still, the setup looks pretty slick and with an achievement like this under their belts these kids have a bright future ahead of them. They will likely have their pick of jobs in culinary arts, gaming or even biological waste management. Their parents must be so proud.

Check out more pictures of this marvel of technology at their Flicker.

Originally posted 4/23/09 on my Destructoid blog.


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