An End to Seal Slaughter In Azeroth


I didn’t even know that World of Warcraft had a problem with seal slaughter, wait, do they? Well pesky details like that won’t stop animal rights crusader PETA from hosting an in-game event this weekend to help raise awareness of the more than 338,000 baby harp seals they say are being killed on the ice floes of Canada.

The campaign will take place in Howling Fjord on the US Whisper Wind realm this Saturday, April 11 at 1pm EST. Rumors of an in-game protest or demonstration have been denied by PETA. Instead, they said players are invited to join together to defeat four Horde seal killers. Likely they will also be inundated with facts and figures about real world seal issues and what they should be doing to help. To add more curiosity fuel to the flames, Whisper Wind is a PvE server, so I’m not entirely sure how this epic seal rescue will go down.

If WoW seems an odd forum for PETA’s message, being that the majority of the games quests involve hunting and killing beasts en mass, you might be surprised to learn that there is actually a Warcraft version of PETA. The DHETA (Druids for the Humane and Ethical Treatment of Animals) offers players alternative quests to fight against animal hunters. Those zany druids and their love of digital beasts.

PETA spokesman Dan Shannon wanted to make sure everyone was aware, “PETA understands that WoW is a game and not real life. Just as fighting seal clubbers in WoW will of course not actually save any real-world baby seals, fighting mammoths and raptors in WoW does no real-world harm to animals. We believe that WoW players understand that there is a huge difference between battling mythical or extinct creatures in WoW and being cruel to real animals in real life.”

An interesting comment considering their vendetta against Nintendo’s Cooking Mama. Their take on Mama’s non-vegetarian friendly menu did spawn an amusing flash game, but it seems to imply that they do in fact take game violence against animals very seriously.

While it’s an innocent and potentially fun way for PETA to get their message across I have a hard time taking any organization seriously when one of their objectives is to rename fish, sea kittens. You know, so people will find them more cuddly and less delicious.

Still if you’re on the Whisper Wind realm you might wanna grab your seal club and head on over to Howling Fjord this Saturday to see what all the fuss is about.

Written for Scrambled Pixel on 4/8/09.


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